This version of the famous Grbl adds values in the work-coordinate-system (WCS) to the probing command. See x2grbl why you might want this.

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    /* gcode.h - rs274/ngc parser. Part of Grbl v0.9 Copyright (c) 2012-2014 Sungeun K. Jeon Grbl is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. Grbl is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with Grbl. If not, see <>. */ /* This file is based on work from Grbl v0.8, distributed under the terms of the MIT-license. See COPYING for more details. Copyright (c) 2009-2011 Simen Svale Skogsrud Copyright (c) 2011-2012 Sungeun K. Jeon */ #ifndef gcode_h #define gcode_h // Define modal group internal numbers for checking multiple command violations and tracking the // type of command that is called in the block. A modal group is a group of g-code commands that are // mutually exclusive, or cannot exist on the same line, because they each toggle a state or execute // a unique motion. These are defined in the NIST RS274-NGC v3 g-code standard, available online, // and are similar/identical to other g-code interpreters by manufacturers (Haas,Fanuc,Mazak,etc). // NOTE: Modal group define values must be sequential and starting from zero. #define MODAL_GROUP_G0 0 // [G4,G10,G28,G28.1,G30,G30.1,G53,G92,G92.1] Non-modal #define MODAL_GROUP_G1 1 // [G0,G1,G2,G3,G38.2,G80] Motion #define MODAL_GROUP_G2 2 // [G17,G18,G19] Plane selection #define MODAL_GROUP_G3 3 // [G90,G91] Distance mode #define MODAL_GROUP_G5 4 // [G93,G94] Feed rate mode #define MODAL_GROUP_G6 5 // [G20,G21] Units #define MODAL_GROUP_G8 6 // [G43,G43.1,G49] Tool length offset #define MODAL_GROUP_G12 7 // [G54,G55,G56,G57,G58,G59] Coordinate system selection #define MODAL_GROUP_M4 8 // [M0,M1,M2,M30] Stopping #define MODAL_GROUP_M7 9 // [M3,M4,M5] Spindle turning #define MODAL_GROUP_M8 10 // [M7,M8,M9] Coolant control #define OTHER_INPUT_F 11 #define OTHER_INPUT_S 12 #define OTHER_INPUT_T 13 // Define command actions for within execution-type modal groups (motion, stopping, non-modal). Used // internally by the parser to know which command to execute. // Modal Group G0: Non-modal actions #define NON_MODAL_NO_ACTION 0 // (Default: Must be zero) #define NON_MODAL_DWELL 1 // G4 #define NON_MODAL_SET_COORDINATE_DATA 2 // G10 #define NON_MODAL_GO_HOME_0 3 // G28 #define NON_MODAL_SET_HOME_0 4 // G28.1 #define NON_MODAL_GO_HOME_1 5 // G30 #define NON_MODAL_SET_HOME_1 6 // G30.1 #define NON_MODAL_ABSOLUTE_OVERRIDE 7 // G53 #define NON_MODAL_SET_COORDINATE_OFFSET 8 // G92 #define NON_MODAL_RESET_COORDINATE_OFFSET 9 //G92.1 // Modal Group G1: Motion modes #define MOTION_MODE_SEEK 0 // G0 (Default: Must be zero) #define MOTION_MODE_LINEAR 1 // G1 #define MOTION_MODE_CW_ARC 2 // G2 #define MOTION_MODE_CCW_ARC 3 // G3 #define MOTION_MODE_PROBE 4 // G38.2 #define MOTION_MODE_NONE 5 // G80 // Modal Group G2: Plane select #define PLANE_SELECT_XY 0 // G17 (Default: Must be zero) #define PLANE_SELECT_ZX 1 // G18 #define PLANE_SELECT_YZ 2 // G19 // Modal Group G3: Distance mode #define DISTANCE_MODE_ABSOLUTE 0 // G90 (Default: Must be zero) #define DISTANCE_MODE_INCREMENTAL 1 // G91 // Modal Group M4: Program flow #define PROGRAM_FLOW_RUNNING 0 // (Default: Must be zero) #define PROGRAM_FLOW_PAUSED 1 // M0, M1 #define PROGRAM_FLOW_COMPLETED 2 // M2, M30 // Modal Group G5: Feed rate mode #define FEED_RATE_MODE_UNITS_PER_MIN 0 // G94 (Default: Must be zero) #define FEED_RATE_MODE_INVERSE_TIME 1 // G93 // Modal Group G6: Units mode #define UNITS_MODE_MM 0 // G21 (Default: Must be zero) #define UNITS_MODE_INCHES 1 // G20 // Modal Group M7: Spindle control #define SPINDLE_DISABLE 0 // M5 (Default: Must be zero) #define SPINDLE_ENABLE_CW 1 // M3 #define SPINDLE_ENABLE_CCW 2 // M4 // Modal Group M8: Coolant control #define COOLANT_DISABLE 0 // M9 (Default: Must be zero) #define COOLANT_MIST_ENABLE 1 // M7 #define COOLANT_FLOOD_ENABLE 2 // M8 // Modal Group G8: Tool length offset #define TOOL_LENGTH_OFFSET_CANCEL 0 // G49 (Default: Must be zero) #define TOOL_LENGTH_OFFSET_ENABLE_DYNAMIC 1 // G43.1 // Modal Group G12: Active work coordinate system // N/A: Stores coordinate system value (54-59) to change to. #define WORD_F 0 #define WORD_I 1 #define WORD_J 2 #define WORD_K 3 #define WORD_L 4 #define WORD_N 5 #define WORD_P 6 #define WORD_R 7 #define WORD_S 8 #define WORD_T 9 #define WORD_X 10 #define WORD_Y 11 #define WORD_Z 12 // NOTE: When this struct is zeroed, the above defines set the defaults for the system. typedef struct { uint8_t motion; // {G0,G1,G2,G3,G38.2,G80} uint8_t feed_rate; // {G93,G94} uint8_t units; // {G20,G21} uint8_t distance; // {G90,G91} uint8_t plane_select; // {G17,G18,G19} uint8_t tool_length; // {G43.1,G49} uint8_t coord_select; // {G54,G55,G56,G57,G58,G59} uint8_t program_flow; // {M0,M1,M2,M30} uint8_t coolant; // {M7,M8,M9} uint8_t spindle; // {M3,M4,M5} } gc_modal_t; typedef struct { float f; // Feed float ijk[3]; // I,J,K Axis arc offsets uint8_t l; // G10 or canned cycles parameters int32_t n; // Line number float p; // G10 or dwell parameters // float q; // G82 peck drilling float r; // Arc radius float s; // Spindle speed uint8_t t; // Tool selection float xyz[3]; // X,Y,Z Translational axes } gc_values_t; typedef struct { gc_modal_t modal; float spindle_speed; // RPM float feed_rate; // Millimeters/min uint8_t tool; // Tracks tool number. NOT USED. float position[N_AXIS]; // Where the interpreter considers the tool to be at this point in the code float coord_system[N_AXIS]; // Current work coordinate system (G54+). Stores offset from absolute machine // position in mm. Loaded from EEPROM when called. float coord_offset[N_AXIS]; // Retains the G92 coordinate offset (work coordinates) relative to // machine zero in mm. Non-persistent. Cleared upon reset and boot. float tool_length_offset; // Tracks tool length offset value when enabled. } parser_state_t; extern parser_state_t gc_state; typedef struct { // uint16_t command_words; // NOTE: If this bitflag variable fills, G and M words can be separated. // uint16_t value_words; uint8_t non_modal_command; gc_modal_t modal; gc_values_t values; } parser_block_t; extern parser_block_t gc_block; // Initialize the parser void gc_init(); // Execute one block of rs275/ngc/g-code uint8_t gc_execute_line(char *line); // Set g-code parser position. Input in steps. void gc_sync_position(); #endif