1331 Commits (master)

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  Johann Wilhelm d61bae2abe updated the linuxspi patch to include the changes to invert the reset-pin. 3 years ago
  Johann Wilhelm fc49ae8ba5 This brings the linuxspi-patch to avrdude-6.3 3 years ago
  Johann Wilhelm a4b4a087e9 Just applied the LinuxSPI patch... this will need some fixes.. 3 years ago
  Johann Wilhelm 6ce52ec791 Just applied the linuxspi patch... this will need some fixing... 3 years ago
  joerg_wunsch 04631688fe bug #47550: Linux GPIO broken 3 years ago
  joerg_wunsch b1043a3bf4 Bump read timeout in usbhid_recv() to 300 ms. 3 years ago
  joerg_wunsch cd0de13b04 Back out rev 1385, it was committed accidentally. 3 years ago
  joerg_wunsch da3a673131 Support packet fragmentation and reassembly in hid_thread(), for 3 years ago
  joerg_wunsch aaf44461ac Summary: Before returning, call hid_free_enumeration(). 3 years ago
  joerg_wunsch c7d9721274 Summary: Fix walking the list of HID matches 3 years ago
  joerg_wunsch 43863e7b70 Fix an off-by-one error in usbhid_send(). 3 years ago
  joerg_wunsch 3fcb87134a Use libhidapi as (optional) transport for CMSIS-DAP compliant 3 years ago
  joerg_wunsch d3f07f4a11 (Obtained from patch #8717: pattch for mcprog and libhidapi support) 3 years ago
  joerg_wunsch d3108d6cca Bump copyright year. 3 years ago
  joerg_wunsch 83dc9c060d Bump for post-release 6.3. 3 years ago
  joerg_wunsch 1238961cf7 Prepare release 6.3. 3 years ago
  joerg_wunsch e5f66f6cc5 Add the Xplained Mini to the documentation. 3 years ago
  joerg_wunsch f6030196e5 patch #8895: Spelling in 6.2 code 3 years ago
  joerg_wunsch 1bed61056b patch #8895: Spelling in 6.2 code 3 years ago
  joerg_wunsch f664acc476 patch #8896: Silence cppcheck warnings in 6.2 code 3 years ago
  joerg_wunsch b90a3bbda4 patch #8735: ATtiny28 support in avrdude.conf 3 years ago
  joerg_wunsch 25d6bc1779 Add ATmega{48,88,168}PB devices. 3 years ago
  joerg_wunsch 901f4b075c patch #8435: Implementing mEDBG CMSIS-DAP protocol 3 years ago
  joerg_wunsch c27e7be095 Mention backout of 3 years ago
  joerg_wunsch 73e0ee49ee Annual changelog rotation. 3 years ago
  joerg_wunsch d2054ba5a3 Do not suggest users might change the default config file. It will be 3 years ago
  joerg_wunsch 123ce4748b bug #46610: Floating point exception (core dumped) arch linux rpi2 3 years ago
  joerg_wunsch 831beee539 This is the post-6.2 state now. 3 years ago
  joerg_wunsch 8041e63a84 About to release version 6.2. 3 years ago
  joerg_wunsch a5940a8366 Just to make sure this won't get lost over time, make a copy of 3 years ago
  joerg_wunsch dfc51551b5 Submitted by Martino Facchin: 3 years ago
  joerg_wunsch 88b188ac1f Submitted by Pasquale Cocchini: 3 years ago
  joerg_wunsch e23fb1cc7a Submitted by Pasquale Cocchini: 3 years ago
  joerg_wunsch 79c7cf57e5 * Makefile.am (libavrdude_a_SOURCES): reflect recent changes 3 years ago
  joerg_wunsch 8b3bafa5bc Add this year's ChangeLog file. 4 years ago
  joerg_wunsch bbf7a9f4e9 bug #44717: avrdude creates empty flash dump 4 years ago
  joerg_wunsch c099463f85 Annual ChangeLog rotation (quite late this year). 4 years ago
  joerg_wunsch 4b238836ea Properly declare arg #2 of net_send() (in ser_win32.c) as being a pointer 4 years ago
  joerg_wunsch 397f4d9ee0 Yet another name for the MinGW32 compiler (as found on Ubuntu 14.04). 4 years ago
  joerg_wunsch c826a786c0 patch #8380: adds 500k 1M 2M baud to ser_posix.c 4 years ago
  joerg_wunsch 9abf4cc614 patch #8437: [PATCH] Serial-over-ethernet for Win32 4 years ago
  joerg_wunsch 8f903dba7d bug #42908: no external reset at JTAGICE3 4 years ago
  rliebscher 16ba06354e update NEWS file 4 years ago
  joerg_wunsch db0f62a3d8 Allow the -B option argument to be suffixed with Hz, kHz, or MHz, in 4 years ago
  joerg_wunsch 73b27c7f0d bug #40870: config nitpick: ATtiny25/45/85 have 1 calibration byte not 2 4 years ago
  joerg_wunsch a96e70dcc3 bug #43137: Writing and reading incorrect pages when using jtagicemkI 4 years ago
  joerg_wunsch f94ddd8c16 bug #43078: AVRDUDE crashes after sucessfully reading/writing eeprom 4 years ago
  joerg_wunsch c03b514143 bug #41561: AVRDUDE 6.0.1/USBasp doesn't write first bytes of 4 years ago
  joerg_wunsch f7a8d146d4 bug #43626: Inconsistent timeouts in stk500v2 4 years ago
  rliebscher 38039b2909 patch #8529 2 more ftdi_syncbb devices 4 years ago