Frontend to the famous GRBL.

outputdeviceqpicture.h 903B

    /* Part of x2grbl * * Copyright Johann Wilhelm <> 2015 * * see for detailed license and usage information! */ #ifndef OUTPUTDEVICEQPICTURE_H #define OUTPUTDEVICEQPICTURE_H #include <gcodeoutputdevice.h> #include <QPicture> #include <QPainter> #include <QMap> class OutputDeviceQPicture : public GCodeOutputDevice { public: OutputDeviceQPicture(QObject *parent=0); virtual bool supported(GCode &Cmd); virtual bool Run(GCode &Cmd); virtual void Reset(); virtual QString name(); QPicture picture(); double minX; double minY; double minZ; double maxX; double maxY; double maxZ; protected: QPicture Picture; QPainter Painter; double x; double y; double z; QMap<int, int> Mills; QMap<int, int> Drills; double ToolDiameter; }; #endif // OUTPUTDEVICEQPICTURE_H